Ep. 7 Support the Troops? Oppose the Wars

Jonathan, Merrick, and Manny take on the idea that the soldiers are only fighting for our “freedoms”. We take a critical look at that claim and determine that there is more to the politics of war than meets the eye.





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Ep. 5 Philosophy you can believe in


In this episode Merrick, Jonathan, and Nick discuss methodologies of philosophy including nihilism, stoicism, and obectivism. We also cover the Trivium method, and Nick showsus how deep down the rabbit hole he can go with no notes on his personal philosophy.

You can hear it at www.theseedsofliberty.com and www.dipsydiver.com We’re also on Stitcher radio here: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/radicalogic-podcast-2/radicalogic-podcast?refid=stpr

We talked about the School Sucks project: http://schoolsucksproject.com/ and Daryl Becker: http://voluntaryvisions.com/