Is it Government, or is it the State?

I am the antithesis of political correctness. For that matter, I abhor the very ideas of politics. What are politics if not the vacation of rationality in exchange for the popularity contest for the vox populi. That’s a fancy way of saying that politics are a way of diving people against themselves by using the very simple tactic of bread and circuses. I like to start conversations from the beginning, and politics is the art of keeping that very thing from happening.

I just dumped a 1,000+ word essay into the ether that I was writing as I was listening to a live debate between Occupy Democrats and some Libertarian media types on the subject of “gun rights”. After an hour of writing refutations I realized that these knuckleheads were dancing around the edges of the issue like prize fighters scared to take a punch. Please allow me to be the adult in the room and start the conversation from the beginning for a change. The phrase “I don’t know what to do, but we need to…” was a common theme. Then the conversation devolves into the esoterica of which “common sense” laws should be enacted on our behalf. Really? I’m waiting on the Rothbard vs. Marx debate on natural rights vs. the collective good, and instead get the Clinton vs. Bush debate on how much regulation is “enough” to keep us safe. WTF? Let me try to break this down in to small pieces for everyone. Natural rights are not subject to the whims of the State’s elected officials. The right to self defense is a non-negotiable power held by the individual in any free society. Natural rights may not be throttled by government simply because that power was never delegated to it. There is no argument as to how much regulation any government may place upon the individual regarding how much, how many, or how often he may exercise his right to his life, liberty, or property. If you still don’t understand this basic tenant, you are complicit in ignoring 1000 years of human rights in favor of going with the collective. Why are we arguing about how many allowable rounds in a firearm are acceptable to the State when we should instead be discussing upon which rail will we run the politicians out? End of sermon.